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Company news

  • 2017-08-28Hroshi & rogeli staff to expand the two day tour

    To thank all staff's unremitting efforts for the company development, enhance staff's cohesive force, enrich the collective life, let the staff to relax in the busy work, more full of spirit and a positive attitude to face life, face the work, also in order to promote the exchanges and communication between the colleagues, the company in 2017 on August 25 and 26, organize the staff qingyuan drift and expand. This is the company's most significant time ever travel + development activities, the tourism team activities, at the same time of pleasure, more promote the harmony between colleagues, solidarity and cooperation, fully reflects the company's care to employees.[Read more]

  • 2016-03-17Shenzhen City Chamber of Commerce leaders visit Yangshan

    On March 17, 2016, Shenzhen City Yangshan, President of the chamber of Commerce Wu Jianhong Mr. and Mr. long Huang Zhizhan board of supervisors Chairman Huang Jianbo Mr., executive president Mr. Mao Binggui, executive vice president Mr. Zhang Haijiang, Secretary General Huang Guowei Mr., office director Mr. Zhang Jianbo, Guangdong Province Sound Music Association Yang Weiquan teacher, guide enterprises to home abundant source printing general manager Wang Wei, the leadership of the 19 people to visit our company to visit the exchange, the general manager of our Liang Rongcan Mr., deputy general manager Mr. Liang Rongfang together personally enthusiasm reception.[Read more]

  • 2016-01-23Congratulations to the general manager Mr. Liang Rongcan became executive president of the chamber of Commerce in Yangshan

    2016 January 23, Yangshan chamber of Commerce establish celebration was held at the China Hotel, Shenzhen City, the Yangshan membership entrepreneurs have attended the meeting.[Read more]

  • 2015-07-27Friendship company basketball game

    For Chang and guide "team cooperation and work together Rong Shihai team culture, July 26, 2015, our factory industrial park basketball court in held the production / office a friendly basketball game, the game players to production staff and office staff. Both players are amateur basketball enthusiasts, usually also often organized a friendly match, so this game can be described as the strength of the equivalent, very worth looking forward to.[Read more]

  • 2015-05-30HROSHI 2015 annual fire safety drill activities

    Safety first, prevention first, is one of the RongShiHai people concept of safe production policy, May 30, 2015, our playground exercise conducted fire safety training in the factory, the training dominated by administration department, all company departments to participate in exercise. Exercise contents are: the production safety, fire safety knowledge, extinguishing methods, how to emergency actions in practical use, the fire of fire extinguisher, fire prevention safety knowledge.[Read more]

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