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Hroshi & rogeli staff to expand the two day tour
Release time:2017-08-28 09:38:13

     To thank all staff's unremitting efforts for the company development, enhance staff's cohesive force, enrich the collective life, let the staff to relax in the busy work, more full of spirit and a positive attitude to face life, face the work, also in order to promote the exchanges and communication between the colleagues, the company in 2017 on August 25 and 26, organize the staff qingyuan drift and expand. This is the company's most significant time ever travel + development activities, the tourism team activities, at the same time of pleasure, more promote the harmony between colleagues, solidarity and cooperation, fully reflects the company's care to employees.

     On August 25, 8:00, all the partners unified collection set out in the factory to the beauty of qingyuan, we came to the first stop in "risks, strange," said the, beijiang small, visit the beautiful mountains and rivers on both sides of the Taiwan straits, appreciate the dragon lady, the phoenix, the new are, only seventy-two peak, felt the "cross-strait YuanSheng crow, boats already past thousands of mountains" artistic conception; Then we tasted the boat's unique, fish-flavored lunch on a cruise ship. In the afternoon, we went to the long-awaited qingyuan drift to the people of the king "huang teng canyon drift scenic spot", people enjoy swimming, water play each other, enjoy the stimulation and pleasure for each of the floating down, every people a happy smile, unconsciously we floated down the foot of the mountain in the middle of the happy, and went to our next playground "leisure xiashan water paradise", dynamic wave pool, high speed, breathtaking, stimulation of various water ski area, in that moment, you this for more than six months of work pressure and sense of urgency away with water, and the joy of body and mind. Night company to arrange the qingyuan four-star hotel, the hotel is located in qingyuan city landmarks in the heart of the city square business circle area, facilities for hotel offers delicious buffet breakfast, comfortable hotel environment, all with the first day of the excitement and joy into the dream.

    Red bay, the second day we came to training camp pioneer development base, our one-day development activities, carried out the total eight expansion project, quincuncial piles, trust back, out of self, graduation wall... . Scenes in moving story makes us feel no than team passion and theory, especially the graduation wall projects come forward all the plants in elite, all the wall lift elite, because players make mistakes and punished commander, although they have tired to unable to support, in time and fall time again hold up but still don't give up, see our "human" again and again by pressing is still on the... Everyone in by the relaxed state of mind from the start, became determined to go all out, even a lot of people are guilty of tears shed, and after the defeat of the experienced four times, we feel a kind of "don't give up, not abandoned" strong team force, at this time, everyone's heart tightly condensed together, unity is strength, at that moment, the strength of our team finally broke out, the fifth, finally succeeds, since the graduation wall has been breached that moment "don't give up, not abandoned" spirit has been deeply branded with the mark of in our RongShiHai man!

    While the activity of tourism developing has ended, but this time the activities will be our RongShiHai many people cannot forget the memory, no matter from the first day of the stimulus drift or in the second day of training, have brought us endless joy and moved. In these two days, we have excitement, joy, touch, sweat, tears of emotion... In particular, the day of expansion training is full of positive energy, and we have gained a lot of feeling and touch, because we have been moved to make us appreciate each other more and cherish each other! We hope that in the future work, our partners can penetrate the spirit of "don't abandon, don't give up"! Don't forget the beginning! Go ahead and create a happy life for the rongshihai people!