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HROSHI 2015 annual fire safety drill activities
Release time:2015-05-30 18:43:31

            Safety first, prevention first, is one of the RongShiHai people concept of safe production policy, May 30, 2015, our playground exercise conducted fire safety training in the factory, the training dominated by administration department, all company departments to participate in exercise. Exercise contents are: the production safety, fire safety knowledge, extinguishing methods, how to emergency actions in practical use, the fire of fire extinguisher, fire prevention safety knowledge.

           Exercises began, after the police siren sounded, the company all staff in various emergency cadres under the command of field direction to the company quickly and orderly evacuation, and got to the designated place in three minutes, each count column good team. And the executive secretary first explained the fire safety common sense for you, choose to escape, the wounded and rescue and the use of the fire extinguisher, etc., and has made the fire drill by mr.wong help seriously demonstration (quickly "pull out, the cutting of nozzle, aim at the flame root, press down the handle", fire extinguisher and the thick smoke from the fire was put out soon), and the staff are very careful watch to learn. Then, and the staff are to try to use the fire extinguishers, fire drills. When again ignited the fire, the practice of the employees in accordance with the just demonstration, put fire out correctly.

           Safety production is the foundation of all work of the company, to ensure the safety production is both for the company's growth has been especially for security staff finds peace in his home; Company through the annual fire safety training, RongShiHai staff feel the importance of safety in production, and action in the actual production process, strengthen the awareness and moment prevention to avoid the occurrence of safety accidents, with the healthy growth of RongShiHai achievements themselves bright and beautiful life.

Post: the 2015-5-30 RongShiHai administration dept