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Hroshi culture

Hroshi enterprise culture system,IS Hroshi after 10 years of precipitation down the essence of development, corporate philosophy, spiritual work, business strategy, core value view, has formed all Hroshi common code of conduct, cultural philosophy and value view, in daily behavior standards, the right direction, to stimulate the team fighting capacity, promote enterprise sustainable and steady development and plays a decisive role

The company philosophypeople-oriented, customers first!

Taken the people-orientedAdhere to the core value of the humanistic culture, for employees to create sustainable and comprehensive development of the growth of the platform, and to help employees in creating value for our customersRealizing their own value and value in the process of realizing our dreams

Customer as the statueAdhere to market-oriented, continuous innovation, to meet customer demand; Starting from the design enterprise operation flow, all the work around to "service customers, for customers to create maximum benefit," the value as the center

The company vision: To become the precision machinery manufacturing market leading professional service providers

Working spirit: Go all out, Excellence, Service first

Core values: Good faith, Responsibility, Pragmatic, Innovation

Good faithWe always believe that honesty is the soul of business, Only honest personhood, good faith work, can establish a long-term cooperative partnership with customers and suppliers, and achieve win-win situation

ResponsibilityHroshi's greatest responsibility is sustainable and steady development, and realize the harmonious, win-win (social), employees, customers, suppliers, company

PragmaticWe always adhere to the long-term, stable and healthy good faith development; One step at a time to do a good job of enterprise foundation work, ten years like one day deep precision machinery manufacturing and sincerely good service to our clients

InnovationInnovation of enterprise culture, the innovation of the operation system, management & technical innovation and so on, let us every year in progress; Innovation is the motivity of the progress of us to continue,To achieve Hroshi dream, we have been through effective mechanism to cultivate Hroshi people continuous innovation ability, constantly activate the development of the company vitality,Keep up with the national situation, and The Times the pace of steady growth