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Talent strategy

        Talent is the company's most valuable resource and the largest wealth, is the fundamental guarantee of sustainable development company. As the management good "human capital" Hroshi made the talent strategy of long-term plan, the establishment of a "people-oriented" talent management system; In terms of choose and employ persons, is the use, not seniority, from professional, management of dual career development channel set up vocational training, career development system, for each diligently struggle commitments made sufficient space for development, to create excellent talent team.

(1) Talent policy:
     Taken the people-oriented, First moral character,the ability after
     U put the right person, for the position, do the right thing.
     U are use, not seniority, almighty, sucker, fair competition, superior bad discard.

(2) The humanistic idea:
      Provide employees with broad career development platform and industry competitive compensation system, encourage employees to innovate, beyond the self, and help them realize their own value.

(3) To establish an efficient team of harmony:
     We believe that the individual performance is through their integration into the team and under the boss's coach and team collaboration created, everyone together in a work environment, like in a big family, they say, under one roof, in Hroshi this big family, we are always with more understanding, communication, coordination, work in the study of the mind, study after work performed well each work. To set up communication, learning and harmonious team.

(4) To establish the perfect training system, broadening the channels for employee growth:
     Through scientific and perfect training system, let employees can quickly into the team after induction, find their own position, through the "work in the study, study after work" constantly improve their personal qualities, working skills. And according to their professional interests, specialty, choose suitable for their career paths of development, realize their own value.