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Congratulations to the general manager Mr. Liang Rongcan became executive president of the chamber of Commerce in Yangshan
Release time:2016-01-23 21:36:20

        2016 January 23, Yangshan chamber of Commerce establish celebration was held at the China Hotel, Shenzhen City, the Yangshan membership entrepreneurs have attended the meeting. The conference participants reached more than 600 people, chamber of Commerce member companies a total of 51 to participate in, the meeting was declared the list of chamber of Commerce of new leadership, the general manager of Shenzhen City Rong Shihai Precision Industry Co., Ltd. Mr. Liang Rongcan elected became a new session of the Yangshan executive president of the chamber of Commerce and at the meeting issued certificate service. At the same time, Rong Shihai will also be in Shenzhen Yangshan chamber of commerce under the support of new glory.

Post: the 2016-1-23 RongShiHai administration dept